Monday, December 10, 2012

Blogiday day 1

Hi guys!
  I am going to do this new blog series where until christmas I upload either a Christmas decor idea, ideas of different thing you can do with your friends that would be Christmasy, or a DIY beauty idea. 
For the first blogiday post I am doing a vanilla body scrub that is perfect for the christmas season, and all you need is to package it super cute and you have a super cute gift! And of course it is super easy to make! You only need three ingredients,

Epsom salt (you can also use sugar or table salt I like using epsom salt for my body scrubs but any of these work!)

carrier oil. I like using light olive oil but you can also use jojoba oil etc. (if you do use olive oil I highly recommend using light olive oil so the scents won't clash)

and last but not least vanilla extract!

Combine the all the ingredients and mix! Just approximate how much oil you use I used about three tablespoons for my container which is not super big. Just add enough till you are satisfied with the texture. I used 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

This scrub is perfect for the holiday season!

I will be posting quite a few different three ingredient scrubs for my blogiday's but its not easy coming up with a ton of different ideas!

I hope you enjoy these blogiday posts!

P.S In case you didn't get the name,
blogiday ;-)


  1. I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it works fine...

  2. Umm well I've used it before at your house with you and yes they did!;-)