Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blogiday Day 7

(So I know I said I was doing a beauty DIY today but I got to busy so that will hopefully be coming soon. Anyway today I am going to post some decor ideas... So without further ado here they are!)

I love putting lights in my room during Christmas season! They just really put me in the Christmas spirit, and make my room look Christmasy! I like white lights because they are so pretty and elegant and match my room, but you could totally go for the colored lights!!!

On my vanity I have two Christmas candle's that I got from my friend Maggie for my birthday. She got them from bath and body works they smell amazing! And make my whole room smell good! I love them! ( No I did not just say that because I know she is reading this;-))

 And last but not least I hung this angel ornament from my fan. It looks a little weird up close but it looks pretty in real life.

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  1. That's right- I am! :) Those lights are SO PRETTY!