Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hair Tip

Ok so my hair is really thick and I have a ton of it, it gets frizzy but it's gotten a ton less ever since I've used this AMAZING trick. So before I tell you this awesome trick you should know that I LOVE coconut oil! It makes my skin so soft and moisturized, I have sort of dry skin not super dry but more on the dry side and it keeps it moisturized for about two days which is amazing! Ok on with the trick...
It's super simple but works wonders, all you do is take a bit of coconut oil in your hands right before you wash your hair, and if it is solid warm it up between your fingers and rub it on your hands like you were going to moisturize them, your hands should look oily, and then all you do is put it on your hair! Put most of it on the ends and then whatever is left on your hands put on the top of your head. Then just wash and condition your hair as normal! Your hair should be silky, and healthy shiny not oily shiny! I recommend doing it right before you wash it cause if you put it on dry hair it will look oily. I also do a deep conditioning treatment about every three months where I put coconut oil in my hair (more then I use before I wash it) and put it up in a shower cap, and sleep in it. It will take a few washings to get all the oil out the next morning so don't do it the night before you need to go somewhere early the next morning! If you do this make sure you put a towel on your pillow in case some of the oil leaks during the night!;-)

Talk to you guys later!



  1. I tried sleeping in it. I had to wash my hair THREE times! I used dish soap to wash it. I know it sounds kinda weird, but it WORKS!

  2. I put coconut oil on my facce over night sometimes, just put it on, put a towel on your pillow, and in the morning your skin will be sooooooo soft. you don't even need to wash it off!:)

    1. Put all of your tips on Whitmore whistler!!!!!!!