Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Manicures

Hey guys! 
This week I am experimenting with different gradients and so the first one I did was with orange. I might post a few more gradients later in the week, but we will see:-) I am really sorry I didn't get my Perfect Pedi posts up last week, I am really busy during the week with everything finishing up for the summer, and then we normally have baseball all day Saturday and baseball on Sunday. In addition to during the week of course. FYI I am going to be super busy this weekend so I will try my hardest to post my post this week, but please understand if I don't. I am going to write up my Tuesday toes post right after this one and schedule it for tomorrow so that it will definitely get up this week. 

Talk to you guys tomorrow!


  1. Those are really pretty!

  2. AWESOME! I love the color what is it called?

  3. The two-tone is cool