Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Manicures

Hello everyone!!
I don't actually have my nails painted today but this is what I had on this weekend. I don't have them painted because I am in this British Lit class and we are doing a scene from Pride and Prejudice tomorrow and I volunteered to be a guy because there were not enough girl parts (plus it's super fun being a guy! I will try to post pictures tomorrow.) Anyway since I am a guy I can not have painted nails obviously. ;) I will post more on that later. Anyway onto nails! We are Catholic, and my older brother got confirmed this past Saturday, and I wore this super pretty blue dress with green around the waist, but I didn't want to paint my fingers blue, so I just painted white diagonal tips. Very elegant and pretty. My toes are blue to match my dress and I wore these super pretty white sandals so you could see my toes.  I can post Tuesday Toes tomorrow if you want me to. The flower design is the same one as my toes had on when they were green. I really really liked that design. So comment down below and tell me if you want me to post pictures anyway.  This is a little weird picture, but I wanted to make sure I got a picture of them before they chipped or anything. So this picture was actually taken in my Grandma's car when we were driving to the store;) It actually came out pretty well, the lighting is really good in this picture. I am really excited, because school is almost done!! And most of our activities are finishing up!! Except for ballet and baseball:) Which do take up a lot of time... But still it's nice to be almost done with classes and stuff!! We will have baseball throughout the summer because my older brothers baseball league starts later and goes throughout the summer. I will still be able to post a ton more though!!!!!! 

Anyway I will talk to you guys later!!



  1. That is SO pretty! and Yes I want to see your toenails!

  2. Beautiful and fit for the occasion. Congratulations, Joshua!

  3. It's Wednesday and I want to see your toes. That is something you'd never think you say.

  4. The warning sign behind your hand is pretty funny :)