Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School Series: Hair tutorial: Snake braid

This is a really cool hairstyle to do when you want your hair down but still want something cuter then just down. Or when you want your hair out of your face. It is also super fast for those morning when your rushing to get out of the house. And all it takes is a couple of bobby pins!

Step 1. Take a section of hair from your forehead. It should be thick enough to make a nice sized braid.

 Step 2. Braid this section of hair until you only have a couple of inches left of hair.

 Step 3. Now here is the magic;) your going to take the two side sections of your braid and holding the middle strand, run the side pieces up the middle piece. In this picture you can see how I started to push the side pieces up the middle. I obviously couldn't take the picture and hold the middle strand at the same time, but try and imagine the hand I am taking the picture with is holding the middle strand while I push the side strands up it.

Step 4. This is how it should look like once you have pushed it up. I recommend not doing this to often since the pushing up part is going up against the hair stand and if you do it to often it can cause breakage to your hair.

Step 5. Gently spread your "snake" out so you can see the squiggly design in it. (sorry about the lighting in this picture, I don't know what happened)

 Step 6. To finish it lift a section of hair up from farther back on the head and pin the end of the braid under the hair you lifted up. I recommend crossing the bobby pins like an X as this holds it the best. 
Step 7. Let the hair that you lifted up fall over the end of your braid hiding the bobby pins. it might take a little arranging to hide the bobby pins, just play around with it until your satisfied. 

The Finished Hairstyle!
As always you can add a little hairspray to help hold it throughout the whole day. 

Again thanks to Louisa for modeling for me!
Hope you all enjoyed, and good luck!



  1. awesome! I didn't know it was so easy!

  2. Looks great!!

  3. I just tried it, it's amazingly easy!

  4. I'm cringing so hard at these pictures of me.

    (Yes I'm stalking your blog)