Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Manicures

Here you go! The last Monday Manicures until break! I can not believe that school starts in exactly one week! The summer totally flew by! It seriously feels like it was just yesterday that it was the day after my recital and summer was just starting..... I miss summer all ready... But I have one more week of summer and I intend to live it up:) Anyway here is the cherry nails that won the contest! I am sorry to those who wanted the palm trees, I personally wanted to do those but oh well!:) I like these too.

I was going to do a face on them but I didn't have enough room to make a face that you could see, but sometime I will. I will post more tomorrow! 



  1. That is amazing! I could never could do that!

  2. Awesome!!! You should try making these:

    Aren't they amazing?