Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Manicures

Hey everyone!
It has been forever since I posted on here! I recently read some of my old post and honestly it is slightly embarrassing. I was not planning on starting to post again, however I was recently talking to some of my friends and they told me I should start up again. So here is the first post of hopefully a less embarrassing summer of posts.

My eldest brother recently graduated from high school and I wore a black dress to the ceremony. I wanted to paint my nails a pretty summer color and ended up finding this gorgeous coral color from Essie called "Sunday Funday". I was extremely excited upon this find as I have been looking for a coral for a while. However, previously all of the corals I have found have had more of an orange undertone which I personally do not like with my skin tone. This beautiful Essie color has a pink undertone which I love, and is exactly what I had been looking for. Even better, it has a pretty, shimmer of gold throughout it.

As far as nail art goes, I kept it simple with a flower on my ring finger. As previously mentioned in a old post, my school does not allow nail polish other than nude and clear. As a result I have gotten out of practice as far as nail art goes. Therefore, I kept my first attempt at nail art, since around Christmas time, simple with a flower on my ring finger. In addition to getting out of practice, the busy school year has also not allowed me much time to take care of my nails, so please excuse the shape of my nails and condition of cuticles.

This photo does not do justice to the color.


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