Monday, December 17, 2012

Blogiday Day 8

Ok so I didn't have a good idea for today's blogiday so this might not be the best post but oh well. Anyway I decided to do sort of a gift guide for girls. This is stuff I would give my friends. I love giving stockings full of a bunch of girly stuff, I also love getting stuff like this! Anyway here is what I would put in the stocking.
I would put a pair of fuzzy socks, a small container of my DIY holiday lip scrub, a small candle, another small container of my DIY lip gloss (a blogiday post on how to make this coming soon!), a nail polish, a container of my DIY vanilla scrub, a ornament, and a candy cane. I would also include a Christmas card. I hope this helps you decide what to give your friends! If you have a ton of friends you could obviously not give them all this stuff and just pick what you think that friend would enjoy the most and put that in with just a few other things instead of giving them a ton of stuff, that way you can give more friends gifts instead of just picking one friend to give a huge gift.

Talk to you guys tomorrow!