Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY tightening mask

Hi guys!
So today's post is another mask that lifts and tightens your face. Now I'm pretty sure most of my readers are young and have NO need at all to worry about wrinkles (I don't either) but you can store this mask for future reference;-)  Or if your like me you can do it now just for fun, I think it makes my face feel good too. Anyway here it is! (I totally admit it is a really gross feeling and I don't do it often but It works pretty well)

                                                           You will need:
                                                                1 Egg
                                                               A bowl
                                                                 A fork
 If you have dry skin use the yolk. If you have oily skin use the whites. If you have combination skin use the yolk one the dry parts and whites on the oily spots. And if you have normal skin like I do then use the whites with a little bit of the yolk. Beat the yolk or white depending on your skin type.
 Apply it on your face.(Yes I have a really weird look on my face cause it is nasty!) Keep it on your face until it is dry.(trust me you will know when it's dry!)
                                                          First rinse it off with water and then wash you face with a mild soap.

I hope you guys enjoy!

PS I do DIY beauty stuff because I do not have a ton of spending money to buy face masks etc not because I don't like putting that stuff on my face:-)


  1. Oh,come on! It's not that bad... Anyway it does make your skin feel really nice! I've done it a lot!

    1. Yes it's GROSS!!! But yes it does make your face feel really good!

  2. Comment and let me know if any of you did this!