Thursday, January 10, 2013

DIY lip gloss

Hi guys!(See I told you I would talk to you guys soon!)
Here is a super simple DIY lip gloss 

All you will need is.
Vaseline (petroleum jelly is the same thing)
a bowl or plate to mix it up 
lipstick (you can buy the cheap ones and one tube lasts a long time)
and a small container (I found mine at a craft store in the jewelry making section) make sure you wash it.

  First take a spoonful (or forkful) of vaseline and put it in your bowl or plate.
 Then take a tiny bit of lipstick. (you can tell I've used this one a lot!)
 Like this much.
 And put it on top of the vaseline.
 Mix it WELL!
I found the easiest and cleanest way to put it in your container is to scoop it up with your hands (make sure they are clean!) and put it in and then take a kleenex and clean up around the edges. 

Talk to you guys later!

PS Sorry the pics aren't the best!


  1. Finally!!! Great! Looks awesome!!!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. I forgot to mention it is SUPER moisturizing!!!!

    the one and only girl clara