Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Cleaning Day 1

Ok guys, here is the first day of my spring cleaning posts. This post was supposed to go up on Monday but then my iPod was giving me problems with taking pictures so then it was supposed to go up yesterday but then my iPod got messed up so I couldn't do anything with it. But it's fixed now and I finally got the pictures up, so due to those delays I am most likely going to be putting up 3 posts today!;-) 

I was debating putting up this post because it means I am putting pictures of my messy room out in public... but then you guys all commented on my clean post and told me that you guys all have messy rooms so you convinced me to put them up. For future reference which do you guys prefer, do you like how I put all the before pictures first and then the after pictures after, or do you want me to put them side by side? Let me know in the comments! Ok now you guys are about to see lots of pictures of my room, and maybe you'll be inspired to clean your rooms! I am not saying you need to or anything, it's just I know that I always get inspired to decorate and clean my room after I see someone else's
amazingly magazine perfect room! 

This is what you first saw when you walked in my room

I am really ashamed to admit it but I really don't see what the point of making
your bed everyday is... I mean yes you should if their are people
coming over but if its just you whats the point?
I mean you're going to sleep in it and mess it up again every night...
But I decided to try and make it every day.......

And then after 4 hours of work....................

The next thing I'm doing is cleaning the tops of my vanity
and dresser.

I have to say.. My bed looks really nice made..... 

 Hope you guys enjoyed the first spring cleaning post!!!
Talk to you guys later!!!



  1. Replies
    1. You've only come over when it's "clean"....;)

  2. I thinks u should do side by side pics (I agree with u one making my bed:)

  3. Ya i agree. Looks awseome! Much better than mine does at the moment! ;) I might just clean it! ;) Great job!

  4. Your bed does look nice... better than mine (usually)

    1. Thanks! Hopefully it'll last for more then a week..;-) I tucked everything in snugly so hopefully!

  5. Side by side. And nice room! ;)

  6. To be completely honest with you guys, I did pick up some of my clothes before I took the pictures....