Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Cleaning Day 2

Ok guys, here is day 2 of spring cleaning!! Today I cleaned and organized my vanity (well actually I cleaned it yesterday but I didn't have time to post it yesterday.) Argg! Blogger is giving me problems with putting the pictures next to each other!! I did the best I could. Sorry!
 I just realized that the lighting is different in the pictures. I took the picture of it messy yesterday and my window was open, and then I took the picture of it clean today and my curtains were down. The messy picture (bottom pic) is the real color of my walls. Yes I have nail polish stains on my vanity (surprising right?!;), I'm planning on hopefully painting it this summer.

Talk to you guys later!!
You can see clothes on my bed, that is because I am packing,
I haven't failed in keeping my room clean!.... yet..;-)


  1. Awseome!!!! Can't wait for tomorrow!!!! ;)

  2. ur Mom must be HAPPY!

  3. How often do you clean your room in a year? Just wondering!

    1. It depends.... I'll do a big cleaning around two or three times a year and then I'll clean it every few weeks.....