Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday Manicures

Hey guys!!:) 
So how is everyone? I'm good but as usual super busy, which is good but at the same time annoying since I don't have time to blog. Anyway I did some Halloween nails since Halloween is already this Thursday. I am watching the World Series so they are not as good as normal or as I would like them to be, but at least I got them painted. I did jack-o-lanterns since I don't really want to go around with gory nails. And I didn't have enough time to do anything more detailed. Hopefully I'll have time soon. 

I know I keep saying that ill try to post, and it never happens, but I will keep trying my hardest!!:) 



  1. Those r cute! Even if they aren't as detailed as usual. I'm one to speak though ;)

  2. Like Clara and Libby said- CUTE!!!!! ;)

  3. Like Clara and Libby and Maggie said- CUTE!!!!! (;