Monday, November 18, 2013

One year...

Happy Birthday to my blog!! Exactly one year ago on my 13th birthday I started this blog. And I am very glad that I did! Even though I haven't been posting lately, but as we come up to the Holidays I am hoping to do Blogiday again, though it might not be everyday, but I am thinking about doing it three or four  times a week and having a hair day (hair masks, hairstyles, hair treatments etc) a face/body day (face and body scrubs, masks, cleansers etc)  a deco/craft say (holiday decorating inspiration, holiday crafts, baking, recipes etc) and of course nails. Or maybe once a week alternating these days. I am starting to brainstorm ideas for posts so we will see how many I can come up with and go from there. If you guys have any ideas leave them below!! I am really getting excited for all the holidays!! And the break from school, even though I enjoy school, it'll be nice to have a break from everything. On a side note, I am 14 today!:) Which is sort of scary now that it is starting to sink in......:) Anyway I will talk to you guys soon! (hopefully)



  1. Congrats on your anniversery!

  2. Lol. You're making it sound like she's married or something!